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Facts about Germany. Let’s start

with Germany, officially known as the Federal Republic of Germany, which is, unsurprisingly given its name, a federal parliamentary Republic in central Western Europe.Comprising 16.Constituent states The Germans call Germany Deutschland because they have many mysteries.

Germany covers an area of ruffling 357,000 square kilometers, making it the 6th largest country in Europe. Germany also has a largely temperate seasonal climate. So the next time someone asks you about the climate of Germany, which they’re definitely going to do, you can say with some confidence that it’s largely temperate. You’re welcome.

around 1/3 of Germany is covered in forests and Woodlands, making it the perfect place to build a house made entirely of confectionery in a remote, isolated location, which can then be used to lure small children to a grim cannibalistic fate. Or, you know, just go hiking.

Speaking of forests, Germany’s home to the servant’s vault, known in English as the Black Forest, is a large forested mountain range in southwestern Germany that has roughly rectangular in shape. This name was first used by Roman soldiers, who called it Silver Nigra, which literally means Black Forest, owing to the dark quality of the densely packed.

The highest mountain in Germany is the Zoo Spitzer and is the highest peak of the Better Stein mountain range, right at the very South of Germany. The Zugspitze stands proudly at 9717 feet tall.

Germany shares. Its alluringly curvy borders with nine other countries that art. These are Denmark, Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands. Boy, Germany gets around.

With a population somewhere in the region of 82 million, Germany is, by a fairly wide margin, the most populated member state of the European Union. Second place goes to France, with a puny 67 million people. Go home, France, you’re a joke.

Sadly, however, Germany’s population is declining. In the last decade, the country’s population has fallen by 2 million people. Some experts say that by 2060 the German population could shrink by almost 20% down to 66 million

The population decline was so extreme that between 1989 to 2009.Roughly 2000 German schools were closed due to there simply not being enough German children. Well, there’s only one solution Germany.

Time to treat babies making the way.Clearing an industry with cold Ruth.Still, it’s not all doom and gloom. And Deutschland after the United States, Germany’s the second most popular immigration destination in the entire world.

just Germany’s largest city is beautiful Berlin, which has also been the capital since 1990. But other German cities are available, such as Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart, Dresden, Hanover and Nuremberg, to name but a few.

Germany has its origins in the various Germanic tribes that inhabited the northern areas of what is now Germany since classical antiquity. The word Germany dates all the way back to the times of Julius Caesar, who referred to the lands east of the Rhine river as Germania. That was just before he was stabbed to death by his mates, by the way.

That being said, Germany is known by numerous other names depending on who you’re talking to. Some people, such as the Spanish or French, take inspiration from the Germanic Alemanni tribe and referred to Germany as Alemania or Alemania prospectively. Italians use the original Latin name Germania but confusingly referred to the German language as Tedesco.Scandinavians called Germany Tyskland, the police call it Nemsa, and the Finnish use Saxa. Only the British correctly say Germany

During the 16th century, northern German regions emerged as the center of the Protestant Reformation, in which reformers broke away from the Catholic Church, were being super corrupt, and whatnot.That’s right, Germany’s not here for your shenanigans Catholicism.

After the Holy Roman Empire ended, the German Confederation was formed in 1815. This loose political association for 39 states was created by the Congress of Vienna to coordinate and ensure peace among German-speaking areas. However, most modern historians view the German Confederation as ineffective and weak. Mind your own business.Historians.

Germany managed to get its SH I. You can finish the rest together and become a proper country for the first time in 1871 with what is now called the unification of Germany creating the German Empire. However, after World War One came the November Revolution of 1918, which replaced the Empire with the Parliamentary Vimar.The public.

One of the few fun facts about the German Empire, and believe me I’ve looked for others, was that in 1916 it allowed citizens to take passport photos with their dogs. Nowadays they don’t even let you smile.

Following World War One, there were so few men left in Germany that only a third of women could find themselves a husband. Yep, it’s hard out there for women, especially when potential husbands keep getting themselves blown up to smithereens in wars. Men, what are they like?

Speaking of World War One, Germany only just made its final reparations payments from the Treaty of Versailles in 2010. Oh, we’ve all got a friend like Germany. If you think you haven’t, you’re in Germany.

Germany experienced serious economic hardship following the First World War. Germany’s hyper.Peaked in 1923, at which point a loaf of bread cost almost 430 billion marks. You may not have even been able to butter that bread either, because a kilo of butter costs roughly 6 trillion marks.

Like every country, Germany has its quirks, one of which is its love for actor indication Singer David Hasselhoff. While horse popularity in most of the West has fluctuated, here’s remained fairly well-loved in Germany and Austria, to the point that it’s actually become a thing. Hasselhoff’s debut musical album Night Rocker chanted in Austria.Germany but.Somewhere else, and he even appeared on the German version of Celebrity Big Brother.

The most popular German surname known in Germany as a nickname is Mullah. Now you know. Now you know the.

possibly the world’s most famous scientist, was a German by the name of Albert Einstein. You may have heard of him. Einstein spent his later years in the United States and on his deathbed spoke his last words in German, which a non-German nurse did not speak as such. The final words of the most iconic scientist in human history were lost forever

Germans apparently love to be new. D, the world’s first large-scale nudist park was opened in Hamburg in 1903 by Paul Zimmerman. And according to the German Association for Free Body Culture, one in 10 Germans take a specifically naked holiday every year. There’s no relatable joke I can make here without revealing the deeply embarrassing truth about my own body, so let’s just move on, shall we?

The soft drink van tour originated in Germany during the Second World War because Germany was prevented from importing the ingredients required to make Coca-Cola. What would that you know? WW2, going on the hand of Coca-Cola in Germany, decided to create a new soft drink with stuff they could actually get their hands on, which led to the creation of banter. Thanks trade embargoes.

Fanter is so popular in Germany that people actually baked into a popular dessert called Fun to Cohen, which literally means pancake. I prefer my personal variant, Dr. Pepper Express cake. Don’t know all the express bit is.

As a result of World War Two, approximately 5500 bombs from that period are discovered in diffused in Germany every year. This works out to an average of 15 on.Exploited World War Two bombed every single day, which is too many unexploded World War Two bombs for my liking.

Following World War Two, in a period of occupation by the Allies, Germany was split into two very creatively titled nations the democratic West Germany and socialist East Germany. I feel like they missed the opportunity to name themselves something completely new and off the walls. You know, something like where West Germany. God. OK, that’s harder than it looks.

This period of German division ended in 1989 with the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the country was reunified on the 3rd of October 1990, creating the Germany we know and love today. In fact, the 3rd of October is now celebrated as German Unity Day.

Germany is often referred to as the land of poets and thinkers, or in German does land, a dictator and denka, owing to the large number of artists, musicians, writers and academics that the country has produced. Famously talented Germans include musicians like Bach and Beethoven, writers like Gotta, and the iconic philosophical minds such as Can’t I said can’t you?Algorithm, Hagel, Schruben, Hauer and Nietzsche.

Germany could also lay claim to some of the world’s most famous and useful inventions. Germans have helped develop a number of important technologies over the years, such as automated calculators, automobiles, pocket watches, jet engines, LCD screens, and the Walkman. Haha, thanks, Germany

funnily enough, the game of Chinese checkers.Is not Chinese at all. The game was invented in. Yep, that’s right, Germany in 1892 and was.Originally called Stern Halma. This comes from being a variation on the game Holmer, which was invented a few years earlier by a thoracic surgeon from America. So I guess America help I guess.

Speaking of cool germanna conventions, the sportswear company added US was founded by Bavarian fellow by the name of Adolf Adi Dassler, which is why the company is called Adidas, not Adidas, America. OK, Adidas.

Brace yourself, guys, because gummy bears were invented in Germany. Yes, a German person created the gummy bear in 1922, which means the popular ursine snack is almost 100 German years old.

In 2009, the oldest known musical instrument ever found was discovered in southwestern.Germany. The instruments were just simple. Flutes carved from bone and ivory date back to at least 35,000 years ago.

The first book in Europe to be printed using mass producer movable metal type rather than the boorishly scrolled out by hand was The Good Book. No, not the Karma Sutra, the Bible, and it just so happened it was printed in Germany. Less than 200 copies of the book, now known as the Gutenberg Bible, were produced in the early 1450s.Only a few were still known to exist throughout the world.

Germany was also home to the very first magazine, which was launched in Hamburg in 1663. A Bowlish Monarchs Arterra Dungan, which roughly translates to edifying monthly discussions, was the world’s first regularly appearing publication. These days, magazines have much snappier titles like Nuts.

Germany is known as the principal originator of the now popular fairy tales found in the works of the Brothers Grimm. The two brothers popularized a wide variety of traditional European fairy tales such as Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, and Snow White.

Speaking of fairy tales, the Sleeping Beauty castle in Disneyland is inspired by a famous German castle called Noise van Stein, which is located in the town of Fussen in Bavaria. The palace’s name translates to New Swan Stone Castle and was commissioned by King Ludwig, the Second of Bavaria. King Ludwig was also known as the Swan King, but it’s not an actual swan.Which is disappointing and is also thought to have inspired the opera Swan Lake.

van Fact about Bavaria 4 you This ancient southern region of Germany was the first area in Europe to be precisely measured. Before then, Bavaria was just kind of large, I guess.

The German state of Brahman exists in the form of two separate city enclaves located within the far larger German state of West Saxony. The largest of these two enclaves is also just called Bremen, while the other one is known as Bremerhaven Ducin does Lebens.

German is the most widely spoken native language in the European Union.Though the vast majority of native German speakers are shocker German, German is an official language in a number of other nations such as Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg owned Lichtenstein

.Funnily enough, Germany’s capital has relocated no less than seven times. The cities of Arhan, Regensburg, Frankfurt and Main, Nuremberg, Vimar, and Bon have all hosted the nation’s capital at some point or another. Berlin, Germany’s current capital, has been the capital on two separate occasions

Modern Berlin is only 27 years old, the cities believed to have been founded all the way back in 1237. But the city as it exists today was born with the fall of the Berlin Wall, which rhymes loads in 1989. Yep, not only is Berlin full of millennials, it is a millennial.

Another interesting fact about Berlin is that it’s actually huge. So huge, in fact, that it’s a hefty 890 kilometers squared, which is roughly 9 times bigger than Paris. That being said, it’s still much smaller than London, which seductively spread itself over 1572 kilometers squared.

Berlin is also home to the Deluge Asher Garten Berlin, which is the largest zoo on the face of the planet. Germany as a whole boasts more than 400 zoos as well as hundreds of others which are local gardens, wildlife parks, aquariums, Bert parks, animal reserves, and safari parks.

With roughly 960 constructed pathways for getting over things, Berlin has more bridges than Venice, which is saying something because canals and bridges are like Venice’s things. Berlin also contains almost 60 kilometers squared of water, consisting of lakes at around 180 kilometers of navigable waterways. Moist.

Ever had a headache? I wanted to not have a headache. Have you ever used drugs to facilitate this somehow? Well, get on your knees and think of England. I mean, sorry, that’s something else. Get on your knees and thank Germany. Which is why aspirin was officially created in 1899.

Berlin will soon be home to a one-of-a-kind building in the form of the House of 1A communal place of worship, which will include a church, a mosque, and a synagogue all in one. You can pray at all of them. Make it, Make a day of it.

When the American President John F Kennedy visited Berlin in 1963, he infamously said Ich bin EIN Berliner, which, despite having an obvious intended meaning of I’m a Berliner, also translates to I am a jam doughnut.

There’s a town called Boozing in Hockin, commonly known as Boozing, which is a Germantown entirely surrounded by territory belonging to Switzerland. Since the early 19th century, it’s been physically separated from the rest of Germany by a narrow strip of land that contains the Swiss village of dwarf Lingan and its narrowest point. This strip of Switzerland separates.The rest of the German state of Baden Wurttemberg by only 700 meters.

Motorists are only allowed to stop on the German autobahn for emergencies and running out of gas is not considered an emergency. Therefore, it is actually illegal to run out of fuel on the legendary motorway. Drivers can be fined and have their licenses suspended for six months for this offense.

Surprisingly, roughly 2/3 of the German autobahn has no speed limit for certain classes of vehicles. That being said, going faster than the advisory speed limit of 130 kilometers per hour known as the Oh jeez, that’s gonna be difficult to say. Rish Gersh, a Reddish kite cannon killer increases liability in the case of an accident. Damn, you risk the Fish Finder site.Damn, you to hell.

Germany is also home to Europe’s largest ring Rd. known as the Berliner Ring, which has a total length of 196 kilometers and is roughly 8 kilometers longer than the London M25 motorway.

According to German law, the state actually has a say on what German parents can name their Teutonic tots. German names Masternode, Agenda, and surnames cannot be used as first names. Sucks to be you Clark Gregg, the actor who plays Agent Coulson in Agents of SHIELD, which we recently made a video about, which is why I specifically remember the name. Sucks to be you.Look great.

You may be surprised to know that in Germany, escaping from prison is not punishable by law. German law holds that the desire to be free is a basic human instinct, and therefore prisoners, have the right to escape. However, prisoners are held liable for any property damage or harm caused to other people as a result of their breakout, so in reality, escapes usually do incur

Okay Britain. Americans. You may want to sit down for this one University is completely free In Germany, tuition fees were abolished in 2014 as having to pay for higher education was considered socially unjust. Meanwhile, our government is perfectly happy to settle teenagers with mountains of debt. However, don’t despair, Universities are free in Germany.International students, So all you have to do is move to another country, which is super easy for us Brits because the UK is part of the European Union..

Germany’s home to over 1000 different kinds of sausage, right? Well, now I absolutely have to move to Germany. What’s the German for? I want your German sausage. I’m sure that won’t be misinterpreted.

Germany also created Curry vorst, slices of German sausage served with spicy sauce and chips, and the recipes become somewhat of a modern classic of German cuisine. Over 800 million Curry verse that Eaton Germany every year, which makes sense because it sounds lovely, Although that spicy sausage might hurt my mouth, it’s not good with hot stuff.

Number 16.It sounds so good to people. In fact, there’s even a museum in Berlin dedicated to the popular snack the Deutsches Can’t Reverse. Museum was opened in 2009 to mark the 60th anniversary of the dishes’ creation and welcomes around 350,000 sausage lovers each year.

There’s also a notable sausage restaurant in Regensburg called the Regensburg Sausage Kitchen.Man, the Germans aren’t the most creative thing names, are they? However, despite its underwhelming title, the restaurant has an impressive claim to fame as it’s been in business continuously for almost 900 years, making it one of the oldest restaurants on the face of the planet

Speaking of super old things, the Vayon Stefan brewery in freezing southern Germany has been in continuous operation since the year 1040, making it almost an entire Millennium old

German also happens to be the only country in which the Mcrib is available in McDonald’s all year round. Those lucky, lucky *******.

One of Germany’s most well-known folk festivals as Munich, Octoberfest, is Famous as a huge event for the celebration of and copious consumption of beer, the event officially dates back to 1810, when Crown Prince Ludwig threw himself a knee up to celebrate his wedding to Princess Therese. Despite the name, Octoberfest actually starts in the last week of September, though it does finish in October.

October 1st is the world’s largest festival of its kind. Some estimates, but the amount of beer consumed at the event and a whopping 1.8 million gallons, or roughly 8.2 million liters. People who pass out drunk at Oktoberfest are referred to as Billiken, which means beer corpses. Oh, how much carb

Germany is one of several countries, with others including France, Austria, Spain and the Netherlands. That’s a terrible fact. Oh wait, there’s more where you can buy beer at McDonald’s. Thinking about it, a Happy Meal and pint sounds pretty intense right? Now I know where I’m taking Jennifer Lawrence for our anniversary.

Germans also like to take their bread seriously. There are over 300 varieties of bread to be found in Germany, each one more bready than the last. I can’t actually prove that, by the way, I just. I just like saying.

if you hadn’t figured it out before, hamburgers, the delicious construction of meat and bread got their name from the city of Hamburg, where there were created. Incidentally, the people of Hamburg, also known as hamburgers, which is just nice to know, but I’m sure they’re just as delicious.

Spicy versus sausage. Germany is also attempting to become as environmentally friendly as possible, with the goal of abandoning fossil fuels entirely by 2050 and generating all its electricity from renewable energy sources. Currently, about 1/3 of Germany does so, which is it’s very impressive, actually.

To that end, Germany is also slowly closing all of its nuclear power plants and hopes to have gotten rid of all of them by 2022.

Continuing its status as a potentially utopian, environmentally friendly paradise, Germany consistently ranks highly in terms of recycling rates. Its competition often comes in the form of Switzerland and Austria Must be something about speaking German which makes you want to save the planet from its near-inevitable decline into a polluted wasteland.

Germany has won the football World Cup an impressive four times. Interestingly, however, it’s most recent 2014 win in Brazil was the first time as a united country. The three previous titles were won by West Germany.

Speaking of Germany winning the World Cup 2014, some of you may remember that this particular World Cup included a.Brazil, in which Germany humiliated the South Americans who are often considered the best in the world, or so people daily tell me by crushing them 71 Germany went five mil up within the first half hour. And by full-time adult Brazil, the biggest World Cup defeat in the nation’s history, it really was something to hold, actually total and utter decimation. Did I mention the conversation that year was held in Brazil?It was just, I mean, my God.

Interestingly, which kind of depends on how you define interesting. Germany’s the world’s capital of, you know, enlargement, with roughly 8 in every 100,000 men in the country opting to have their German sausage super-sized.

Due to the effects of the Chornobyl disaster, which occurred in 1986. Some of Germany’s woodland areas are populated with radioactive wild boars.

Number 76 In order to prevent the escape of elderly Germans suffering from dementia, a number of nursing homes in Germany have erected fake bus stops outside their buildings to lure residents who tried to go AWOL

In order to combat anti-Semitism and modern-day Germany, a Jewish community outreach group created a service boldly titled Renter. Jew spokesperson Masha Schmerling said that by sending ordinary Jewish people to German schools and universities, people see that Jews are completely normal people who don’t want to be defined purely by history.

The world’s tallest cathedral is currently located in the southern German city of Ulm and is known as Ulm Minster. When I say the world’s tallest cathedral is located on Orm, I don’t mean all ministers on wheels. That’d be ridiculous that the church, which measures up an impressive 530 feet, is due to be overtaken by the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, which when completed.In the next few years, will stand at 152.5 meters tall, beating Elminster by over 10 meters

Cologne Cathedral, unsurprisingly located in the German city of Cologne, was built over a period of 700 years. It can hold around 40,000 people and was the highest building in the world between 1880 and 1884.The year in which the highly ****** Washington Monument was completed.

The German parliament building has an interesting feature in the form of a glass Dome that allows members of the public to look down in parliamentary proceedings. This symbolizes that the German people are above the government and that the government should always remain transparent. Oh, I say, very clever,

Angela Merkel has been the Chancellor of Germany since 2005 and has become such a symbol for powerful women that Barbies even produce an Angela Merkel doll

A generous assertion from middle-aged German folklore claims that a person can cure themselves from toothache by kissing a donkey. Exactly where on the donkey is never specified, but I don’t wanna go in here and ask with my lips

Speaking of folklore, the tradition of the Easter Bunny originated among German Lutherans. One legend holds that the Easter Bunny was once a bird. It was then transformed into a rabbit but retained the ability to lay eggs.

Additionally, the tradition of sticking a tree in your living room to mark the birth of Jesus, AKA the Christmas tree tradition actually originated in Germany.

The term Chris Kringle as an alternative name to Santa comes from the German word Chris Kindle. Would you Literally mean Christ, child? This is because in Germany it’s baby Jesus. He brings everyone presents, not some chubby dude in a red suit. Frankly, I prefer the chubby dude less judgmental than maybe Jesus.

The Germantown of Gangnam. Buck monks bring Christmas cheer in the form of the world’s largest advent calendar. Gangan backs 18th-century town Hall, or Ruth Horse has 24 windows, the equivalent to the number of windows on an advent calendar. Except these windows have government workers behind them, not chocolate.

Another truly bizarre German tradition, this time part of the nation’s New Year’s celebration involves watching the 1963 comedy sketch Dinner for one. If you’ve never heard of that sketch, you’re not alone. Most British people have never heard of Dinner for Two, but watching the 11-minute sketch has become an important part of German US celebrations.

in Germany, Father’s Day is celebrated A uniquely German fashion. Groups of men go hiking with one or several hand-drawn wagons filled with wine, beer, and traditional regional food. Predictably, this results in a large amount of drunk German dudes such that alcohol-related traffic accidents sometimes travel on Father’s Day in Germany.

Germany also boasts although I’m not sure how much of A boast this actually is, The world’s narrowest St. which can be found in.The southern city of right Lingen.The street is called a Hofstra Sir and at its narrowest point measures only 31 centimeters wide.

There are a number of places in Germany with names that are apparently perfectly unremarkable in German, but a touch more interesting in English. There’s a town on the Rhine River in the state of Hessa called Asman Hausen. There’s a village in Bavaria called Titting Fur and a mountain in the Bavarian Alps called And I swear to Angela Merkel, I’m not making this up. Wanc Mountain, which is also what my bedroom was called in my lonely.

In German weddings, there’s a tradition in which the pride is sometimes kidnapped by her friends before the wedding, leaving the groom to hunt for her as she’s taken on a pub crawl by various different Taverns. Didn’t that happen in the office? I’m pretty sure that happened in the office.

Apparently, and I have no idea who conducted this research or why, only 71% of German men stand to urinate. Just under a third of German men sit down to have a way. Bizarrely, the Germans even have specific words to describe one’s urination stance. Those who stand a coach to Pickler and those who sit are known as sitting sprinklers.

Another bizarre, almost sickening fact about the Germans is that their pillows are not rectangular as God willed it at the moment of creation, but they are square. That’s almost as bad as Canada. And they’re bagged milk. Look. Almost.

Interestingly and somewhat bizarrely, when Germans discussed the time, they count the minutes till the next hour rather than after. This means if you ask a German at the time, and I told for example Hob Dray would you literally means half three the time is actually 2:30 or half two in English

The Germans can also lay claim to one of the most.Global actor of his generation Peter Dinklage is widely known for playing Tyrion Lannister on the medieval fantasy television series Game of Thrones. Dinklage is actually related to the West Farley and noble family Von Dinklage, who changed their names during World War 2.

The national animal of Germany is the golden eagle, which it shares as a mascot with four other nations Albania, Austria, Mexico, and Kazakhstan. This links the golden eagle, the world’s most common national animal.Number

Depending on your personal level of prudishness, you may or may not be shocked to learn that prostitution is legal in Germany. In fact, prostitution is so legal in Germany that the government actually funds visits the specialist sex workers for disabled citizens. There are even training centers where German prostitutes can get a diploma in qualified sexual accompaniment and assistance for disabled people. Hey, and why?And there be.

feels a bit weird to go from that to this, but on the very first day of Steel, every German child receives a giant cone filled with sweets and toys. Corner School tutor. This tradition dates all the way back to the 1800s, and these days some particularly sports. German sprogs even received video games and cell phones in their cones too. This tradition is also observed in Austria as well as in certain areas of Switzerland. Poland and the Czech Republic.

Annoyingly for Germans, just over 60% of YouTube’s top 1000 videos have been blocked on the German version of the site. The reasons for this are not entirely certain, but many people point to the German performance rights organization Jima and copyright claims Sucks to be you German Shibas, although I hope you can see this. The longest word ever published in the German language is Oh my God. Like this? Let me give it a go. OK, here we go. Ready Donna dump for shifan selectrics.Tripper’s work bought to being 10.

The word is 79 letters long, and in English translates to association for Subordinate officials of the Head of Office Management of the Danube Steamboat Electrical Services. Huh. How can such an interesting word describe something so utterly boring?

It is a common yet entirely unsubstantiated belief in Germany that one can become sick from fresh air blowing through an open window. Many Germans literally believe that draft can cause colds, the flu, pneumonia, and even clogged arteries, Which, by the way, I’m happy to report any superstition. Germans out there is a complete and utter bot. Bot means nonsense,

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